Drowsy Driving

Have you ever heard of drowsy driving?  Our family hadn’t either until May 5, 2002.  That night Kyle lost his life to a driver that fell asleep at the wheel.  What a tragedy.   For both families.  Kyle was just a few minutes from being back home after a walk around the block with a friend.  The driver was just a few miles from his home.  If only things had turned off differently.  If only.

Take a minute.  Talk to the drivers in your family.  Tell them to call a friend or family member if they feel too tired to get behind the wheel.  Talk to yourself, too.  Have you ever driven knowing that you were really tired?  I know I have.  What if I would have hurt or killed someone?  I would never get over that, just like the 17 year old that took away our only son, only brother, only grandson, only nephew, cousin, best friend…

Think about it.  Make a plan for what you will do if you’re ever too tired to drive.  Believe me, it’s worth thinking about.


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